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Our unparalleled recruiting platform enables you to provide hiring software to your clients, while generating top-line revenue for you.

Get the most out of PrismHR Hiring with these free tools – crafted specifically for PEOs and HR Service Providers.

Here you’ll find everything you need to promote and sell Hiring as a premier applicant tracking solution for your customers.

Use these resources to show your customers how PrismHR Hiring will help them find and hire quality talent.

Get to know PrismHR Hiring.

This demo is designed to help you:

– Showcase the versatility and ease of use of your ATS

– Understand how PrismHR Hiring will benefit your clients

– Empower you to provide clients with recruitment best practices and tactics

Watch and share this on-demand demo to see the platform in action.

Sales Enablement Collateral

78.5% of ATS users say it’s shortened their time-to-hire.

Use stats like this to effectively market and sell your ATS. Customizable resources allow you to quickly and efficiently show your clients the value of Prism HR Hiring, driving adoption and increasing stickiness.

Go to Market

PrismHR Hiring helps your customers hire faster, and source better quality candidates. These customizable downloadables will help telegraph that message to clients.

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Guided Setup Overview & Pricing

Help users get up and running with guided setup and implementation.

Our applicant tracking system specialists handle training and implementations so your clients are in good hands.

Partner Marketplace Integrations Overview

Help your clients add asynchronous video interviews, pre-employment testing, and other ATS integrations that will take their hiring to the next level.

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Increase Sales & Revenue

Boost your sales & revenue with these customizable and shareable resources that highlight key benefits and features of PrismHR Hiring.

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Product Overview

Show your customers why 94% of ATS users say ATS usage has improved their recruiting with a quick overview of how an ATS helps users source, engage, and hire candidates.

Product Features List

Scorecards eliminate hiring bias. Automated communication saves customers time and impresses top candidates. Use this list of features to help customers further understand everything the ATS can do.

A woman smiles while working in an office with her coworkers.

Job Board Overview

Did you know sponsored job posts get 11x more applicants? Help clients optimize their job posting with this dynamic overview.

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Job Board Offerings

Leverage these featured job board offerings to help your clients boost their hiring game. Distribute these materials to showcase the main advantages of each offer and guide your clients on how to begin.

LinkedIn Daily Service Offer

Help users boost their visibility on LinkedIn while only paying for what they need – this offer is especially great for filling professional roles.

Try ZipRecruiter Daily Sponsored Advertising for Free

For a limited time, your clients will receive 4 free days of premium sponsored visibility on ZipRecruiter when they purchase an ATS Implementations package.

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Drive results with the PrismHR Hiring Partner Playbook.

Our marketing team created the Prism HR Hiring Playbook to share the insights they’ve gained marketing and selling an ATS. Our tried and true tactics will help you:

– Grow your business with applicant tracking

– Market and sell your ATS to boost revenue

– Empower your clients to achieve their hiring goals

– Measure and track your success

Product Updates

Stay up to date with our recent updates to PrismHR Hiring and revisit past updates.

Q4 2022 Product Update
Q3 2022 Product Update
Q2 2022 Product Update
Q1 2022 Product Update

Let’s talk marketing strategy.

We can help you increase client engagement and sales. Request a meeting with our marketing team to discuss campaign ideas, content to help clients optimize their hiring, and additional sales collateral.

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